Hello Word!

It wasnt merely idleness that urged me to continue my habit of recording the buzz of thoughts in my head- but it was after reading an old friend’s blog that I decided to put to work my “out-of-order” machinery! At first I even heard it screech and creak as it has not been in use since quite some time.But I guess a little oiling would polish its rusty nuts and bolts and it will be as good as new.

I write- not scholarly, sophisticated scrolls but an amateur expression of myself. However this time I intend to write in order to make a difference To bring to light what many people fail to see or simply refuse to see as if doing the ostrich trick will smoothen things out!!!!

So here is a shoutout to Aymen Ashraf- the witty blogger-thanks to whom I found my old love back!!!

Without wax,



3 thoughts on “Hello Word!

    You are one in a million and your writing screams that out.I cant wait to read all that you will write.

    p.s- You killed it with the ending 😀 Love you back, Without wax, Aymen 😀

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