Do’s And Don’t’s Of A Medical Life: for starters.

For  enlightening some young minds, here is my humble attempt:

  • When you get admitted to a Medical College DO make sure that every one knows about it! Like – everyone in your log book. Even the aunt you haven’t talked to in ages because she gives you big sloppy kisses or bear-like hugs and Uncles that pat your head so forcefully that you are drilled a couple of meters into the ground.
  • DO get yourself a decent wardrobe! Those old worn-out trousers and faded jeans certainly wont do Mr. And ladies! Refrain from buying flashy stuff, it’s not your brother’s wedding you are about to attend!
  • Buy a pair of sneakers. DON’T go “clitter clatter” in your heels down those corridors and alleyways. Your dream of walking on the ramp can wait for now!
  • Once there, beware of your seniors! Move in packs. DON’T bunk classes just yet – there will be time for it later on. Take advantage of the shelter of your lecture halls.They are your SANCTUARY – the safest place after the Principal’s room! 😉
  • DON’T jump with surprise if any one from the Professors to the bookshop owner, calls you “DOCTOR Sahib”! It IS you they are talking to. DON’Tbe too happy about it when they address you that way, for “Doctor Sahib” is usually followed by either a very difficult question or a very rude remark!
  • DO make sure that all your books are cheerful enough! Black and white books aint good for health – they give you vertigo during exam days! 😛
  • DON’T be too pissed off if that mean aunt of yours purposefully asks: “Darling! How is your B.Sc going?” And DON’T grind your teeth too much when you reply: “My MBBS is going fine!” Because grinding your teeth too much makes MBBS sound like B.Sc somehow, and it gives her more satisfaction.
  • And although I seem to come down to this again and again – DO learn how to surf or skateboard, because the balancing skills will help you avoid fall in that wretched four-wheeler they call a bus!
  • DON’T fret too much while handling the BP apparatus. You are a beginner and thus you are bound to:
  1.  have trouble finding the pulse.
  2. twist those tubes and put the cuff the wrong way.
  3. switch off the fan to hear the sounds which seem mythical just yet. 🙂
  4. pretend that you are hearing Korotkoff’s sounds when it’s actually your own blood drumming in your ears.
  5. tell your parents that they are hypertensive one day and change your opinion the next. 😛
  6. be told by your father that you are only fit to be a vet AND seek revenge for his jibe by pumping it all the way up to 200mm Hg! 😉
  •  DON’T LOL when your teacher pronounces “fat cells” as “FART cells” or when “main duct” sounds like “main duck”.
  • DO get yourself some nice shots every time you attend the Skills Lab to put on your social networking sites! However DON’Tsnap those “i-am-smooching-the-mannequin-thinking-its-Angelina-Jolie” poses! They are GROSS.

    Check out the socks on the dummy!
  • DON’T be too worried about  your GPA’s! They hardly matter. The journey ahead is too tough and bone wrenching, enjoy this time to its fullest. If I have missed anything out, add it to the comment box below. Until next time, Sayonara!

P.S. Sayonara, because I had 4 views from Japan a couple of days back. 😉 It’s amazing how you can reach out to the whole world through words.

©2012 Habiba Danyal.


22 thoughts on “Do’s And Don’t’s Of A Medical Life: for starters.

  1. Hey Habiba.
    I had been meaning to comment on your blog for a long long time, but I suck at remembering to do things on the Internet, it’s too distracting here.
    Anyway, you’re doing a GREAT job. I wonder why you didn’t take up blogging earlier. I hope you keep up your writing, all the posts are very enjoyable and entertaining.
    And it’s really good to have friends in the blogosphere, at least you can rely on a couple of people to read your posts then.

    1. dint take up blogging earlier because dint know abt it being so much fun. Thank you tayyaba, it is indeed great to know that some one will always lend their ears! cheers to us. 🙂

  2. habiba.. omg.. that bp thing you did is crazy..esp with your dad. i am already feeling bad for your patients =P.. pretending to hear korokoff sound is soo true.. thanx GO=od i am not the only one =D
    heel stuff.. i hope people get the
    dumbies..two word..respect them

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