127 families.

Yesterday, 127 families mourned the death of their loved ones, 127 smiles faded forever, 127 dreams died with them…

After the Air Blue plane crash, another major catastrophe hit us. Last night was no less than armageddon for these families, some were devastated by the death of two or more loved ones.

The question is not, how or why this happened?

The question is will it happen again?

If Noetic sciences are true,

Are we willing a change strong enough?

Do we have the potential as a nation?

Can the disease, that is eating away the roots of our nation be healed by spontaneous remission?

Are we conscious enough ( mind, body and spirit) to feel what is happening around us or are we plain numb?

May the martyrs of the Bhoja plane crash rest in peace.

P.S. Speaking of change, have you made sure that you are on the Registered Voters list by sending your CNIC to 8300? If not, GTH.

©2012 Habiba Danyal.


6 thoughts on “127 families.

  1. Agreed, the important question is, will it happen again?
    Whatever the reason was behind this accident,old plane or improper guide from control room, should be investigated and corrected. So that it doesnt repeat in future.

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