The wave, the shore and I…

The mighty wave in its fury,

Licked, devoured, slapped hard.

It lashed the whips,

And left a gash,

Against my throbbing heart.

It churned my bones,

And crushed my ribs,

But couldn’t break my strength.

The flame of hope that burnt in me,

My armour, unscathed, unbent.

It washed me off upon the shore,

The shore of death it was.

It hurt my bones, my mortal flesh,

But that’s not all I was!

I am the soul, resilient,

My journey never ends.

For doing what it did to me,

The wave of life repents!

© 2012 Habiba Danyal.

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20 thoughts on “The wave, the shore and I…

  1. Wonderful imagery! These waves are not refreshing, but cold and painful, the seeming indifferent movement of time; you brought it through completely! The artwork (is it yours?) adds the finishing touch.

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