5 people I envy…

There is no harm in admitting that all of us have harboured animosity, envy and nurtured other such negative feelings for people at some point in life. We are humans – and hence it is natural! Vice, malice and envy are however like termites that feed on your inner soul leaving you hollow from within. The quicker we abate them the better for us!

But still, there are people of whom I cannot help being envious of – at the top of the list:

1. Bus-sleepers:

The specie I envy the MOST! No matter how bumpy the ride is or how crowded the bus – They just don’t care! They snore with their mouths agape, tongue lolling out sometimes and even their head sways as the bus moves! Occasionally, they would jerk awake, shoo a fly and then go back to sleep, their jaw hanging open, giving free access to the fly again!

Sometimes when I am very tired, I stand there looking at them and wish “only if the fly would really enter their mouth and tickle their pharynx” or “only if they fall off their seats!” – the chances being fat though, because there is hardly enough space to stand! The bus is always so damn crowded.

2. Lucky-dice-rollers:

I suck at all board games that involve a dice – the reason being that I am never able to roll the correct numbers! While playing Monopoly, I am always the one who lands in jail, has to pay income tax, the drunken charge, owns the Old Kent Road and the first one to go bankrupt! All thanks to the lousy numbers I roll!

Now, what is a person supposed to do in such circumstances? The answer is simple – CHEAT! Sneak a couple of bills from the bank, run away from sold property without paying the rent before the owner realizes that you were on it and say that your community chest card read “Bank error in your favour collect £200” when it actually says “Pay hospital £100”!

3. Queue-escapees:

We all hate standing-in-the queue-jobs! People who stand and wait for their turns and people who sneakily work their way to the front, all alike. However I envy the people who are able to avoid queues either by reaching early or at an optimal time when there isn’t a huge crowd! Admire their timing, I do.

4. Children – all sorts and sizes:

Oh the little prats do have an advantage over us and they do know how to take it as well! They can lick their ice creams all the way – till the very end! They can sleep in any position they like, don’t have to worry a pint about their appearance or conduct, can sink their teeth into a water-melon and usually get away with loads of things as blogger Tayyaba Adnan rightly says! ( Stuff Kids Get Away With)

Huh! The number of things we like to do in life but refrain from doing only because we fret over what people might say or they may not be right or appropriate. All the simple childish things, moments that present to us but we are too afraid or slow to reach out and grab them! What the hey! Life is better the simpler way!

5. People who have less – but are happier!

Desiring more and better than we have is certainly not a crime! On the contrary it is healthy to be competitive and ambitious but we must know where to draw the lines! There are moments when our desires unconsciously change into complains, when we whine for more rather than ask for it, when we in the process of aiming for the skies, forget to look down and fathom how far we have come….appreciate our progress and be thankful for it, when we let greed take over us and it only impedes our speed!

I am envious of the people who are above such feelings, who have far less than me and are far far happier than I am!

I envy their peace, their contentment, their smile, their happiness…

And above all I envy their optimism.

©2012. Habiba Danyal