The New Mother…

As soon as she took it in her arms,

vibes, electrifying, sparked between them.

A bond was weaved,

bridging the two.

A bond that formed in the bleak air,

yet strong as branches,

twined; since the beginning of time.

The tiny thing with its fists,

as if about to punch the air;

reached out.

And as it cuddled,

close to her bosom, seeking warmth;

a jerk in her navel, she felt.

As if it was plugged to her womb,

by her umbilical cord.

A spark,

as the pitch black met the stormy blue!

Her’s, wide; its, unfocused.

Her sister’s child,

who was dead; postpartum.

The angel who had overlooked the exchange,

said to the other,

“There! the baby found its mum.”

©2012.Habiba Danyal


14 thoughts on “The New Mother…

  1. Although iv studied a lot about childbirth but i still see it as magic. God created beautiful magic which is beyond me to understand.
    Love the poem 🙂

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