The Leap!

She finds her face; reflected

in every wince she meets.

The horrific past,

the scalding acid,

that charred her face,

the transgressor who wanders loose,

can all wait.

She has to move on!

©2012. Habiba Danyal

For Trifextra: Week Twenty- Five


45 thoughts on “The Leap!

  1. You outlined the horror in such a simple and efficient way. Kudos!
    Acid attacks are really horrifying and the scar ofcourse chars the body, heart and soul. 😦
    I have read in newspapers that jilted lovers usually commit these crimes.
    I wish the victims cud be given justice.

  2. That is amazingly poignant. To move forward after mutilation would be so hard. And there’s an overtone here, though I may be reading in too much, that the transgressor was never caught, maybe even allowed to walk free or condoned. The leap would be so painful. Possibly as painful as the initial wound.

  3. Strangely I was thinking a few days ago about acid attack victims and the cold law and administrative system that makes this heinous crime happen again and again throughout the World… She definitely has to move on but justice will be done, if not by law, then by God…

  4. Wow. (I’ll say it again.) Wow. Realness practically cut in stone on the first few lines, then redeemed by an unapologetic optimism. In such a short piece you have made my heart skip a beat, as I totally didn’t expect this. Thank you! I’m glad I wandered through here.

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