Only If…

Only if,

the world was as wide

as the circle of my arms

and everything desirable,

could fit into it; tucked,

close to my heart.

Protected for a lifetime!

And all the poignant memories,

and every precious person

could be drawn in like my knees,

into this very circle;

and then, rocked to comfort.

If every worry could be brushed off,

like specks of dust that cling to the knee.

And every pain could be healed,

by laying on of hands…

Only if,

life was a sky within my reach,

and all the shining stars

could be picked out,

amidstย the crowded crew

and all the unwanted ones

dimmed out, dormant.

And if in the sun of laughter,

I could bask forever,

with those I hold dear,

until tanned, marked by happiness,

engraved by love!

ยฉ2012. Habiba Danyal


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