Zainab sat beside her daughter counting her ragged breaths. Her air-hunger was increasing consistently. She held her hand and ran her thumb across her chubby palms. The doctors had done what they could.

Not you. I won’t let you go as well. Don’t do what your father did to me Soha! Don’t leave me alone darling…

Zainab had talked to her all night, urging her to live on.

She could see her baby turning blue. Her cheeks were roses when flushed with happiness or creamy while she slept. Blue wasn’t her colour! She frowned and rubbed her cheeks, careful not to disturb her oxygen mask, but she couldn’t restore their colour.

She saw her go bluer. She frantically looked for the bell and pressed it hard as if crushing it would infuse life into her daughter. She clawed at Soha’s gown, unbuttoning it wildly. Looking desperately for whatever was strangling her neck! A nurse shook her hard and pulled her back.

“It’s killing her. Don’t you see? There is some weed or a cord round her neck….just let me take it off her,” she explained to the nurse between sobs.

They shifted Soha in an Intensive Care Unit. She was kept on a ventilator.

When Soha showed no improvement a couple of days later, a doctor told her that they’ll have to remove her from the vent. A kid, who had better chances of survival, needed it.

“So you’ll let my daughter die?” She looked half mad as she hissed at him. They told her there was another way.

Anything for you baby! Anything to hold on to you!

Five days later, when she left the hospital, the staff came out to see her off. Their looks said it all. To them, she was the mad woman who had pumped air into her daughter’s lungs for two days and two nights with a bag-valve-mask-resuscitator.

She tucked Soha in the front seat and put on her seat belt. Triumphant, they drove off.

©2013. Habiba Danyal

For Trifecta Week 94

Most doctors do not approve of such measures and the persistence of the attendants to keep their loved ones alive causes them nothing but more pain. I witnessed a crazy couple during my electives in the Paediatric ward who actually resuscitated their daughter that way. Although the outcome wasn’t the same but because this is what I wanted for them and also because I am v.fond of my characters, Zainab and Soha, I decided to end my story with a miracle.



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