Reek of flesh, burnt

by chemical weapons


the scent of sprouting dandelions

species evolve, nations riot

billions born

and billions dead

thousand illusions cast

a thousand political master plans laid

all nullified by

twenty-two men chasing a ball,

made in Pakistan.

©2014. Habiba Danyal


42 words for Gargleblaster#169. This week’s question is:

What does it all add up to? 




45 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. I love the constrast you’ve managed to evolve! This is one such entry which can have as many translations as the number of viewers. That’s the best part! I love it 🙂

  2. I love anything football-related (Foofa!) but this is especially brilliant! I often think about the strange juxtaposition between raging battles and the relative safe space (mostly) of the pitch.

    1. On a serious note. I really love the content of your piece. Very true, and I doubt that things are going to change when we have such callous and egotistical heads of countries.

      1. Thank you very much. How can one not be current with the google doodle changing everyday.
        p.s.As long as you and I continue to hope, 2 hopes,2% chances of change.

  3. Cricket right? Interesting social and political observations here that clearly run deep. The power of sport is also interesting here. Great and powerful direction with the post.

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