Be a star thrower with Pakistan mei hum hain!

When we were in school, our Principal once told us a story. The story was from the famous Loren Eiseley’s The Star Thrower. The story inspired us all and left us wondering how we could make a difference.

One student however was driven a little more than the rest of us. So she decided to pick one star fish up and throw it back into the sea to save it from dying. Some friends and family saw what she was doing and joined in. Together they have saved quite a few star fish and God willing, will continue doing so under the banner of “Pakistan mei hum hain”.

Pakistan mei hum hain figuratively adopts kids, our little fish, and pays for their education making sure that they consistently appear at school, quench their thirst for knowledge and are praised and appreciated for their achievements. Because of Pakistan mei hum hain, non-payment of school fee is no more a reason for drop-outs from school for our little fish.

PMHH, with the help of its permanent donors and some wonderful youngsters who buy their special Independence Day tees has been sending seventeen kids to school Alhamdulillah and aspires to increase this number in the upcoming years.

Although its main aim is education, PMHH, does not sit still at times of natural calamities and disasters. In 2013, PMHH, sent donations and food items for the earthquake victims of District Awaran and District Turbat of Balochistan province, through our most trusted source, the Pakistan Army. While in March 2014, with the help of its donors, basic food items, like grains, sugar, milk and medicines sufficient to feed 100 families for a month were sent to Tharparkar.

Pakistan mei hum hain (We exist in Pakistan) strange as the title may sound to you, is actually a reply to the grudging complaining lot who often ask “Pakistan mei hai kia?” (What is there in Pakistan?).

This year’s Pakistan mei hum hain t-shirt, answers this question beautifully.

“Very often people ask “What is the concept behind Pakistan mei hum hain?” 

Pakistan mei hum hain is not just a sentence, it promotes the feeling of owning your country. It is for the people who think they need a good leader to change Pakistan or a miracle. Pakistan mei hum hain tells you that YOU are that miracle. You can make a difference. We can work for the betterment of our nation.

When they say Pakistan mei ab kuch nahi hai, say to yourself abi hum hain. aur jab tk hum hain Pakistan b rahay ga. Insha’Allah

This is what “Pakistan mei hum hain” is all about.”

                                                     -Pakistan mei hum hain

This year as well Pakistan mei hum hain, is selling out some cool tees and hand bands to raise funds for  the education and food of the underprivileged. You can be a part of our star throwing, and hurl one fish back into the sea.

For adopting a fish, donations and details:

Visit their facebook page: Pakistan mei hum hain

Or Call: 0331-2281703

P.S. I am a star thrower. Are you?

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