The time it takes.

The storm you sent,

my way, retreated;

gracefully swirled round,

back your way.

I tamed it with

an ounce of wisdom,


a whiff of smiles.

While the weeds,

you let grow, pull you down;

your storm brews,

I its new Master.

©2014. Habiba Danyal


This poetry answers the question:

What time is it?

in 42 words.


14 thoughts on “The time it takes.

  1. I like the image of you taming the storm.
    Friendly reminder: this is an unmoderated week at yeah write, but when submissions are reviewed, every word in a post counts even if it is a footnote. If you include the question in your post, it won’t be eligible for voting. Keep this in mind starting next week.
    Good luck!

  2. Habiba! It’s so nice to see you here – I’ve missed you! Your poem is lovely. I love the image of the storm, and taming it with wisdom.

    Quick note for when we return to moderated submissions next week: don’t forget that any additional words – footnotes, explanations, etc. – count towards your total. No need to include the question, the wordcount, etc. in the body of your post – just the badge will do!

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