The Story Of The Autumn Tree

In the middle of the last session when the course was on its peak and when what I should have been doing was nothing but study, I agreed to help my sister in her arts project! She had to make a 3 dimensional tree with wires which seemed like an easy task at the moment. I was soo mistaken!!

After badgering her to buy all the required material, as if it was my project and not hers [eyes rolling] I finally got all the stuff on the list three days before the submission deadline!

With all the wires, stones and paints scattered in front of me I felt like the great Da Vinci about to start his new masterpiece! I cut the 0.5 mm wire and looked at my sister in a confident way and started demonstrating how she was supposed to shape the leaves commentating alongside…..I tried twisting and turning the wire but couldn’t. Giving her a sheepish smile I tried straightening the wire in order to start over again and failed!

Then – I dived into my father’s tool box and retrieved his pliers, nose-pliers and everything that I could get my hands on! With beads of sweat trickling down my face and after a lot of hard work I finally managed to shape the wire into a jagged shape leaf!!!! Hah….yeah me! I DID IT. *APPLAUSE. I looked up to see my sister’s reaction to that, hoping to see admiration and a watery smile filled with pride but instead I discovered that she wasn’t there at all!!! Giving me up as a lousy case she had fled long before, without so much as telling me – prat!!!

I then had to demonstrate the whole thing all over again as she was supposed to make the leaves while I did the trunk and the base! While she made the leaves, I  made the branches, trunks and roots with a 1mm wire which was a lot more tough and then I applied  plaster of Paris on a cardboard to give it a rocky appearance.  So we were sitting there engrossed in our respective tasks when my sister comes up with one of her mind-boggling ideas,

“Aapi! what if we make a squirrel and settle it on one of the branches?”

She gotta be kidding me –  I thought.

“What if I make a dog and set it at the base of the tree and bury a bone in the ground for it, would that be nice?”  I said.

“Yaaaaaay-”   I think it was the murderous look on my face that cut her short!

Seriously!!! I had blisters on my hands, my back hurt real bad and I was having trouble trying to wound the leaves round the branches and if on top of that, I get to hear crap…. :-@

Anyway, after we were done I took a couple of pictures and we secured the tree in a box. Here is one for you to see…..human nature. We love to flaunt ! 😉

The next day all the skin of my hands peeled off, thanks to the plaster of Paris and when I came home from university my sister was in a sober mood. Her arts teacher had given her 9.5/12 for that tree!!! Hearing that, my hand began to itch more and I was so mad at the teacher – not because of the less marks, NO! But the reason she gave for giving less marks: There Should Have Been More Leaves On The Autumn Tree!!! Baaaah!!!

©2012 Habiba Danyal.