Do’s And Don’t’s Of Medical Life: Exam Tips!

Sharpen your axes, polish your spears and put on your armours. It’s war-time!

  • In the examination hall, if people who have never talked, suddenly become very sweet and social, DON’T think its your rusted ol’ charm that has started working again. They are just making sure that they have “help” during exam hours! Nasty *******!
  • DO prepare yourself for weird attitudes and gestures of students around you! There are always students who shake their legs in nervousness so much so, that the table vibrates, swing their chairs, have bouts of nausea [well, that would be me O_0], laugh for no reason at all, go all pale, chant invocations and roll  their prayer beads in frustration!
  • And yeah! The invigilators- DO prepare yourselves for them as well! There are invigilators who blabber a lot, who always tell you that there is half an hour left when actually there is a whole good one hour to go, who make loud, indecent slurping noises while drinking tea [the kind I hate the most] and who take loads of time to sign your answer sheet!
  • DON’T get startled when you see a question similar to this:

Q. If the lateral nucleus of hypothalamus elicits rage and the dorso-medial nucleus elicits signs of passivity, then why did Britney Spears shave her hair off? [ gist: an out-dated, unreasonably unreasonable question]

  • DON’T wonder why you ever learned to write, while colouring those smallcircles in the answer sheet! I swear they are getting bigger day by day! It takes an eternity to fill them up.

    Ever feel like doing this?
  • Histological slides and CBLs [case-based learning] are like a gamble. DO remember to play wise! The opponents are sly, cunning creatures who like to play dirty! I think they deliberately blur those slides so that a thyroid follicle looks more like a corpus luteum!
  • And if you get silly options in a question, and have an urge to select “pressure cooker” even when you know that it’s an “autoclave”
    wise advice: DON’T select pressure cooker
    kick-ass advice: DO select pressure cooker 😉
  • On the day of the viva, DO remember your P’s and Q’s and never contradict the examiner! THEY are the boss!
  • The first ever result displayed on the notice-board is a prank by the seniors, DON’T start spilling tears if according to it, you have failed – laugh it off!!!!

Now, don’t tell me that you haven’t benefited from my precious, precious tips!  Keep reading for further broadening of your small heads. 😉 If you have missed out the last two golden pieces of the series you can find them right here: 😀

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