Addicts, as they were!

A swig, a shot, a pinch or even a sniff would do… He could take it whenever or in whatever amount he liked. It was always close at hand. In his room, in his pocket or at the café down the street. Even at school……every one there was already one too. The bitch was spreading like a virus. Shifting hands from one to the other, taking hold of people by storm. Damn! Every one now a days was an addict. Who the hell needed speed or Mary Jane for euphoria? Why the hell anyone would want to damage their wiring or get HIV when just a whiff of it would do!

A whiff and he could wander off to a place where he could hide his true self from the world. Where he could make people believe things about him…things no one would care to listen to or want to hear about, in person! He could brag about his social calls and his new car or the number of girls he had screwed or anything. Hell! Everyone else was already in a frenzy because of it. Why the hell would they bother to verify whatever he has to say…

It was ecstatic!

She knew it was the only addiction she could take on fearlessly…no one would object! Hah…..She could flaunt herself, her clothes, her bags. Her life’s dream, it was! Express her worries, and have a thousand napkins dropped at her feet. They were ready to wipe the grime off her feet. People are so courageous behind a screen!

She could gossip, poke her nose into people’s business without letting them know she was interested! She could fake a conversation to make anyone jealous or grab sympathies….. Why! Everyone should know. Have a peep in her life! They need not know the dirty bits. Behind her smile, the fake laughter, they need not know what was hidden. Hmmmm… was ecstatic with it in it!

There! What happened next? Well, He met She. They finally got married. And 50 years later sat in a restaurant, a classy one mind you, with a huge family of theirs. And every one of them down to their youngest grandson, addicts as they were, updated their statuses or tweeted: “At Port Grand, with family.” A family that met one another behind a computer screen more frequently than they met in person!

The End!

©2012. Habiba Danyal