Old school memories revived- thanks to the Coke Studio!

Back in school we used to have a music class! Strange? Yeah. That even classical music! As soon as the “master sahib” started playing the harmonium, and another one stroked the strings of a sitaar and yet another one beat the tabla the students would start:

a) yawning (35%)

b) talking; and trusting the tunes of the instruments to mask their chatter (60%)

c) singing (5%)

Back then, singing used to take a toll, specially on people like me who had toad-like voices. But the girls who had really good voices, did work hard to correct their sur! And these were the girls who managed to make stupid clue-less words like sa re ga ma pa into something divinely musical in school functions and amaze the chief guests! The rest of us? Oh, we made fun of the titles of songs and mind you, we really had some strange ones like Raag aymen, Sakal ban phool rahi sarson!

But now that I look back, I am really thankful to my school for teaching me how to appreciate good music and enjoy it.

Thanks to the Coke Studio, some old school memories were revived when I heard this song. Leaving it here for you all to enjoy.

©2012. Habiba Danyal